10 Free or Low Cost Ways to Market or Advertise My Business Online

Marketing your business online is crucial to getting your business out there.  Without your advertise my business onlinebusiness online, the amount of success you have is not going to be nearly as good as it would be if you had some online marketing integrated in the running of your business.  Marketing your business online can be very simple, and also very cheap.  These are a few ways that can help you get started marketing your business online.

Focus Marketing Efforts on Your Target Audience

One of the first things to look into when marketing your business online is who your targeted audience is.  If you know the kind of people you are targeting, then you need to advertise your business to the people who are going to be reading the most in your area of business.Don’t waste your valuable time or money on consumers that won’t make you money!

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Another way to successfully market your business online is through SEO, or search engine optimization.  SEO will help your business appear closer to the front in the results of some of the larger search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.  A bigger push on SEO will lead to more people finding your business online. If you don’t have the money nessacary to run a SEO campaign, there is nothing wrong with doing it yourself. Keep in mind that this is no easy task. It will take A LOT of time, bloods, sweat and tears, but if done correctly will save you a ton of money.

Writing Blogs that has useful information

Along with SEO, another important thing you can do to market your business online is writing a blog.  Blogging is absolutely essential to successfully bringing traffic into your web page for your business.  You can write about any topic that is trending within your business or any news that may be going on to keep customers informed and can bring in new customers as well.

Business Directory Submission

Another great way to market your business online is through directory submission.  Directory submission is key to marketing your business online because when you submit your business’s information to multiple directories, your business has a greater chance of being found easily online. Not to mention the backlinks that comes from directories will give your website a great boost.

Social Networking

A very popular way advertise your business for free; that is beginning to become almost a necessity in marketing your business online is through social networking.  In today’s society, social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest and Instagram is huge all over the world and is the perfect way to get your business noticed. If you don’t have at least one of the social media networks working for your business…YOU ARE WAY BEHIND!!!

You Need a Stellar Web Page

With all of this traffic that is going to be brought to your business by your new tactics on increasing traffic, you are going to want to have a flawless web page.  Your website needs to be simple and elegant, yet creative enough to keep your audience interested in your business. You have a split second to impress someone visiting your website and if the website looks like poo, the consumers will bounce along with the money they have in their pockets.

Get Positive Reviews

Along with your killer web page, you are also going to want to make sure that your business is given good reviews by all of the people publishing reviews on the World Wide Web.  If people see that you received good reviews from reliable sources, then you have a greater chance of bringing in more potential customers for your business.

Put videos on YouTube

Having YouTube videos is also a great way to market your business online.  YouTube is an incredibly simple way to market your business online.  You can simply make a video, add narration to it, and add some keywords to the video tag and send your video off to the web.


Along with YouTube videos you can also start making podcasts for your business and help keep followers informed of your business and anything that is going on.


Finally, to really get your business out there on the World Wide Web, PPC and SEM are some huge key factors to doing so.  PPC, or pay per click, is a method of marketing where there is a bidding rate that charges every time a user clicks on an ad.  SEM, or search engine marketing, includes all of the ways that people use to market their business online.  This includes the use of SEO and PPC.

Marketing your business online is one of the most essential ways to get your business noticed in world.  All of these are easy and cheap ways that you can market your business online, help get your business noticed and increase the traffic to your web page.

We wanted to give a basic understanding to thought with little or no experience about online marketing and advertising. In the next few days, we will break down each way and give you resources that will even help advanced marketers.

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