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Search Engine Optimization in 2012 is leaving a lot of SEO companies stumped…like what just happen. If SEO companies are stumped; just imagine how service companies like plumbers, carpet cleaners, roofers, water damage companies, auto repair service companies, etc…, feel. And if that’s not confusing enough, it seems like every major city is being targeted by SEO companies to get their clients more visibility to keep them in business. Just think if you are a water damage company in Atlanta, Orlando, Dallas Tx, New York, Los Vegas or any other major city with over a million plus homes or businesses, I bet your bottom dollar that competition is ten times greater than in a little city like Griffin, GA (Population of about 24,000 people). In many cases a company marketing in a major city like Atlanta doesn’t even have a business there, but don’t mind commuting 50 miles to keep their business alive. That is why it is important to know what SEO is and how it works.

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is vital for all businesses with websites who depend on traffic to increase sales and visibility.  Businesses all want more traffic, more visitors to their sites that result in an increase of sales and revenue.  A good SEO strategy is one way in which sales can increase and profits rise.  When people seek a solution to optimize my website, there are a few important things to remember, it is not just about keyword saturation in content, it is also about well constructed websites.

When a potential customer is searching for a specific product or service with one of the countless search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, the search engines go out and search websites for content and keywords that match the searcher’s criteria.  Keywords such as “mattress” will pull a variety of results ranging from mattresses for sale to furniture and bedroom sets and linens.  When the searcher is more specific with, for example, “foam mattress” the results are narrower in scope providing for better potential customers to the sites in the results. Optimizing websites for the best quality of visitors and staying on the first page of results is vital for all businesses and their bottom lines.  When thinking about how to best optimize your website, think about how you search.

A website can be well structured, have valuable content and good offerings and still not get the desired and expected traffic.  Often times, an SEO professional can make changes to increase traffic with a combination of SEO techniques and website optimization.  Google, for example, uses three processes when a searcher types in a request to come up with relevant search results.  Crawling is when the search engine crawls through the web to find new and updated pages to websites.  New content is then automatically formulated and recorded for similar searches.

Search engines also Index content of websites and include key content tags, Title tags and ALT tags.  This too helps for better and faster search results for the searchers.  Relevancy of content on websites is vital to good search results and better more qualified visitors to websites as well.  Many popular search engines have several hundred criteria for determining relevancy of sites for searchers to ensure the best results possible.  An effective website optimization strategy must include a well designed site with relevant content that allows search engines to index and crawl.

Search engine optimization is not just about keywords and lots of content; it is much more complex than that.  There are many technical aspects of website optimization and search engine optimization that are most effectively handled by professionals.  For example, a web site that supports “If-Modified-Since” http header allows for search engines to easily find new and fresh content on websites.  Most small businesses and entrepreneurs don’t have the depth and breadth of knowledge to handle the technical side of SEO and website optimization.  Professional SEO and website optimization companies are best at weeding through the vast amounts of technical data and algorithms to help businesses succeed online with more qualified traffic to their sites.

If you are a Plumber, Carpet Cleaner, Roofer, Water damage company, Auto repair service or any other service industry that needs SEO Marketing, give us a call at 1- 800-383-7017 – We give FREE SEO ADVICE (OVER THE PHONE OR SKYPE).

How can SEO help my business?

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