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With the vast number of online services available these days, it can be tempting to hire an online service that ServiceMaster Website Buildercharges a single package price. Many times, when you compare the prices of local website builders to the online services offering package prices, hiring a local builder can seem prohibitively expensive. In the end, however, not only can you often save a great deal of money by hiring local, but you will also generally save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

Here are 3 reasons to use local website builders.

1. You can meet face-to-face with a local website builder and they can help you figure out what you want before they start designing

Whether you are talking about buying a car, redecorating a home or even going on a date. Many people think they know what they want, but when presented with exactly what they said they wanted, they often don’t like it and aren’t happy with it. An experienced web designer can help many clients get to the root really want and not what they think they want.

2. You will generally save money in the long run hiring a local designer

Many companies offer website design for as little as $299. What they don’t tell you, however, is exactly what you get for that $299. Many of these companies use the exact same templates that are available to you for free if you want to design your own site. They put in your information for you and charge you $300 for it. If you want radio buttons that click through to different pages or video content or any kind of customized features that is not included in that basic, pre-made template, then the price starts climbing.

The problem is (again) people often don’t know exactly what they want going in and the price keeps climbing higher and higher as they figure it out. A local web designer can help you figure out what you want and give you a fairly realistic estimate of what it’s actually going to cost before they ever start designing. In the end, whatever they charge will probably be far cheaper than getting all those features as add-ons through a $299 special.

3. Local designers often charge more up front but less for updates

At some point in time, you are probably going to want changes or updates to your website and that is when those online companies really start making bank. If you read the fine print, they sometimes only offer one update a year free of charge if they even offer that. Then they start charging you a small fortune.

Ultimately, by using a local website builder, you may have to pay more up front, but you will save that in the long run. Not only are you more likely to get what you want, but you will mostly likely get a truly custom website that at least bears a vague resemblance to what you had in mind at the start.