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Amazing & Useful Content

In 2018 many websites are still lacking in the area of providing useful content to visitors. Consumers are looking for more than just written material; they want vivid images and impactful videos. Google also grades your website based on these factors, making it harder for bad or mediocre content to rank.

Mobile & Desktop Friendly

In 2016 mobile search surpassed desktop search and steadily increasing. So if your website isn’t mobile friendly, visitors user experience will be horrible causing them to bounce. Google has also made it mandatory for all sites to be mobile friendly. If not, it could affect the visibility of your website in the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

If you have a website, SEO can improve website visibility and increase the dollars to your companies bottom line. Search engine optimization is a MUST and helps you compete against the hundreds of other businesses in your industry. Also, users trust search engines, so being on the first page helps to improve website trust, giving you the opportunity to present your product or service first! [source] Website Designer Atlanta

Social Media Ready

Using social media in conjunction with your website can increase brand awareness, increase inbound traffic, improves website SEO, boost your conversion rates, and help you stay more connected with your customers. [source] KERAN SMITH


Having positive reviews impacts your website in many ways. Reviews help improve your marketing, strengthen your brand, build trust and improve rankings, etc… [source] Kristen McCormick

Security – SSL

If your website accepts credit cards, or have forms to capture visitors data, such as Name, Address, Phone, Email, etc… SSL is a must! SSL also helps improve SEO, giving your website better visibility.