Organic vs Paid Traffic

What’s Better SEO or Paid Traffic?

Why all the hullabaloo surrounding organic (free) traffic? Can’t you just pay for ads at the top of search results pages and get all the clicks you want? Yes, but that’s not exactly what you want to do. While there is a time and place in a marketing campaign for search engine ads, the numbers tell us that organic traffic generated through SEO tactics is far superior. Here are some numbers worth mentioning.


90 percent of all clicks on any search results page go to organic listings – this is what your website marketing service is helping achieve. Only 10 percent go to paid ads. The bottom line is people rarely click on sponsored ads when given the choice to go organic.


91.5 percent of searchers click on a first-page result. That drops to 4.8 percent on the second page and really takes a dive after that.

When it comes to online marketing related to your website, clicks are money. A click takes a potential customer to a page on your website where the sales process begins in earnest. Albert Einstein is famous for many quotes, one of which was “Nothing happens until something moves.” The web marketer’s version is “Nothing happens until someone clicks.” Without a click, there is no chance to earn money, so the answer is clear. It is to your business’s great advantage to generate first page results through organic listings.