Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

With PPC Marketing, you can generate traffic almost instantly. The organic route can take a while to show results.

Those who were paying attention might have drawn the erroneous conclusion from our previous comments that there’s no sense in buying ads on search engine results or other websites. You may remember that we noted only 10 percent of searchers click on sponsored ads. While that’s true, the thing to keep in mind that 10 percent of the global market can still be a huge freakin’ deal and amount to a tsunami of traffic you can summon at will. That last part is important. With PPC traffic, you can generate traffic almost instantly. The organic route can take a while to show results.

To get the PPC ball rolling, your web marketer opens an account for you with an advertising network like Google AdSense – there are many others, but this serves as an easy example. You can choose to have your ads show at the top of results pages for certain keywords or on other websites. After the ads are designed, they go live, which simply means that anyone browsing the internet can see and click on it. For each click, you are charged a fee that, depending on the popularity of the keyword among advertisers, might range from a few cents to a few dollars or more. Certain keywords related to insurance and health conditions bring upwards of $50 a click. As you might imagine, this nosebleed territory is occupied by mega-corporations with multi-million dollar marketing budgets.

Every time someone clicks on one of your ads, the cost is deducted from your account. Keep in mind, you know in advance how much you will be charged per click and can set a daily maximum so you don’t blow through your account in a few hours. How can this help your business when it seems like all you’re doing is paying the network? Here’s the magic. With each click, you get to send the visitor to the page of your choice. It’s your chance to make a sales pitch, show them products, collect their email address. If you bring in more through sales than you’re paying for clicks, you’re golden.